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You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

Dec 24, 2019

Are your shoulders sore or you have a knot in your neck that won’t go away?

This week Ash talks with Aaron Alexander an expert on the mind-body connection, author, and host of The Aligned Podcast. This episode is all about how your environment informs your physiology.

What people consider relaxation today often still...

Dec 18, 2019

What area of your life isn’t where you want it, but never changes?

This week Ash talks with Judy Ho, neuropsychology, author, and co-host of the television show, The Doctors, to talk about all things self-sabotage. If you find a certain aspect of your life isn’t where you want it to be, it is likely a result of...

Dec 11, 2019

How long have you been questioning whether your partner is the right one for you?

This week Ash talks with Tiffany Louise all about the signs of an unhealthy relationship and what steps you can take to build a healthy one. Tiffany is a speaker, author, and LCSW that coaches people to create their healthiest and happiest...

Dec 4, 2019

Is money something you don’t talk about, but know you need help navigating?

This week Ash sits down with John Christianson, a chief financial advisor, author, wealth manager, and podcast host. For over 25 years John has managed the financial lives of executives at Amazon, Nike, and Starbucks, just to name a few. Tune...

Nov 27, 2019

Do you need to be in control of everything, or do you know someone who holds power over you?

This week Ash talks with Jackie Knechtel, the co-founder of the Flow Consciousness Institute, a speaker and coach. She has worked with people all around the world in improving performance, flow, and focus. Listen in the learn...