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You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

Apr 28, 2021

Do you want to hack your brain to live an optimal life?


This week Ash talks with Dr. Kristine Willeumier, a neuroscientist with research expertise in neurobiology and neuroimaging. She is also the author of the book BioHack Your Brain and is here to share all about how to start taking care of your brain...

Apr 21, 2021

Where in your life could you let go of something?


This week, Ash brings on Kute Blackson, a transformational teacher, coach, and best-selling author to dive into the magic of surrendering in life. 


When you allow life to lead you, beautiful things begin to occur. So how do you get there? Kute walks through the...

Apr 18, 2021


Where are you out of alignment with yourself?


Join Ash for a solo jam all about trusting yourself. This conversation sparks from a journal prompt question that will help you learn where you stand in regards to your values and principles.


The conversation doesn’t end here, Ash shares her thoughts on generosity...

Apr 14, 2021

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What makes your erotic mind turn on?


Tune in to this steamy episode for a conversation all about having a healthy libido. Ash talks with clinical sexologist and psychologist Eva Clay to dive deep into sexuality and passion in relationships.



Apr 7, 2021

Get your own copy of Ashley's new book You Turn at!

Are you lost when it comes to building professional relationships you actually enjoy?


This week Ash talks with Mark Shapiro, the CEO of Digital Humanity Inc, the visionary behind the LoveBomb app and the Podcast host of the show Are You Being Real?...