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You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

May 6, 2020

Do you feel like a ping pong ball, bouncing from one task to another without a moment of joy?

Join Ash this week as she talks with Margaret Price, a strategist, and educator whose career has placed her at the forefront of innovation. Margaret is here to talk all about combating stress and recognizing burnout in your life.

Margaret shares her experience with learning how to manage ADHD and function without additional stress and stimuli. If you have ADHD, or struggle with feeling overstimulated, listen in to learn how to help improve your ability to focus.

When it comes to being productive and creative, stress and distractions have to go. Margaret and Ash walk though how to recognize where stress lives in your life, tools to get more productive, and habits to build a distraction-free lifestyle. Don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash! She reveals how your core values play into removing stress in your life, you don’t want to miss this tip.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. How to deal with external stimuli
  2. Tips to remove distractions from high-stress environments
  3. The difference between a learned and fixed mindset
  4. Root causes of burnout



Core Values Worksheet

The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions by W. Freeman


Where You Can Find Margaret Price:

Instagram: @margaprice



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