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You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

Dec 16, 2020

Are you the friend you wish you had?


This episode is totally turned around! Your very own host Ashley Stahl is interviewed by guest Amanda Bucci on all things friendship, setting boundaries, and networking authentically.


Ash opens up with two questions to understand where your values lie in a friendship. Not only that but, she also shares a phone test that helps you immediately dictate where your unique relationship stands.


People have varying worldviews, energy, and priorities. In order to foster friendships that last, there comes a level of knowing what, and who, you want to say yes to versus people who live on the periphery of your life. While setting these boundaries can be hard, Ash is naturally gifted in this space and shares her tools for saying no with grace and respect. 


Do you find the cadence of your friendships shift, where some months you spend all your time together, and then suddenly they drop off? Amanda and Ash talk through how to maintain a healthy cadence when you are growing a business, romantic relationships, and maintaining overall wellness. 


If you have a curiosity and longing to create a community and find more friendship, Ash offers up a challenge for you to take on. It’s bound to be a good time! This episode feels like sitting down with two of your best friends, ready to shoot life straight.  


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. The difference between being alone and feeling lonely. 
  2. How to set healthy boundaries within friendships.
  3. Indicators of healthy friendships versus ones to let go of.
  4. Tools to navigate personal and work relationships.


Where You Can Find Amanda Bucci:




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