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You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

Jul 10, 2019

Has the fear of your addiction started to weight into your everyday life, or are you questioning if you have a problem with addiction?

Join Ash this week to hear from Anna David, an eight time best selling author, journalist and podcast host who specializes in helping people tell their darkest stories to find spiritual light and humor. Listen in to learn how to identify and release addiction within your life.

If you find yourself living in a spiral of shame around an addiction, learn what to do to get out of it and what ways you can seek help. Addiction is more than drugs and drinking, Ash and Anna discuss dependencies of many kinds and how you can tell if it is inhibiting your life. Some compulsive habits might seem socially acceptable (exercise, committed work ethic) listen in to learn the signs you may be taking it too far. 

Anna’s successful life was previously lived within addiction that ultimately lead to rehab and building a new life.  She shares her journey and inspiring story to overcome life obstacles and build healthy relationships. Don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash, she will share how your body responds to addiction.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. Causes of addiction- genetic or disease.
  2. The power behind the stories we tell ourselves about addiction.
  3. The difference between pleasure and happiness.
  4. Signs you should seek help for your dependencies.



Party Girl by Anna David


Where To Find Anna David:

Instagram: @annadavid



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